Shea Butter Will Change Your Life


One of the best ways to take care of your skin and hair is to use shea butter. Many women reach directly for name brand products like lotions, body creams and specific haircare products to make them look beautiful, but shea butter is really all you need to look and feel amazing.

The great thing about shea butter is that it can be used on all different parts of your body. When your hair feels dull and dry, for example, use it on the tips to get added body and bounce. You can even use it all over your hair for a wonderful all over conditioner. Do this once every two or three weeks for amazing locks.


If you tend to get dry skin during the winter like many women, shea butter is a wonderful way to hydrate your skin and give is a soft and lovely glow. Shea butter is particularly wonderful for the parts of your body that tend to get extra dry, like your elbows, knees and feet.

In addition to working wonderfully on your skin and hair, shea butter is also completely natural, so instead of using a lotion that is full of toxic chemicals and ingredients that can be harmful to your body, you can feel comfortable knowing that shea body butter is from the earth and contains natural emollients to soften your skin.


What types of Shea butter to use


One of the best companies that produces shea butter is called EuGenia Shea. This company is family owned and operated by females from a family from northern Ghana in Africa. All of the shea butter from EuGenia Shea is natural and organic. None of their shea butter products include toxins or any other harmful ingredients.


One of the ways that the experts on skincare at EuGenia Shea recommend using their products is to put the butter on stretch marks. This goes for any woman, but it’s especially great for those who are pregnant and don’t want to get stretch marks. Shea butter is so soft that it can actually prevent them. To order from this company, go to their website.

Kyle Bass: Investments That Harm Lives

Kyle Bass is the founder of Hayman Capital Management located in Dallas. His company is a hedge fund focusing on global opportunities. After he launched this hedge fund, he became big in the financial services industry because he successfully predicted information about the mortgage crisis.

Concerns are raised about hedge funds because they pose a challenge to drug patents that intend to gain money by purposefully dragging stock market prices down. Kyle Bass tried to eliminate drug patents; he says that larger companies try to extend the patent by changing the dosage or packaging, and in turn this keeps the drug prices high. This makes it extremely hard for the consumer to get their medications.

As time went on, Kyle Bass has made multiple negative career choices that made his untrustworthy. The more he puts himself on the media, the more his performance quality decreases. Bass tends to side with those who do not know what they are doing with their economic investments. He also tried to shift blame whenever possible. For General Motors, he goes on the media to shift the blame; instead of GM taking the blame for their non-deploying airbags and faulty power steering, Bass helps them blame those who died because of these issues. He claims that the victims were drunk or didn’t wear their seat belts properly.

Another large mistake that Kyle Bass has made is in line with pharmaceutical firms. He picks certain firms and short-sells their stocks. After that, he challenges them against the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, causing the stocks to go down. When the stocks go down, the prices go up. The bad part in this is that they have less to invest in medical research, which hurts millions of people. These people rely on these firms to help with their pain, but for Kyle Bass, it just rakes in money for himself.