Graeme Holm happy with the ranking of Infinity Group Australia as most innovative company

Infinity Group Australia has been ranked as one of the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. The ranking was done by the Australian Financial Review and placed Infinity Group at number $58 among thousands of financial companies from this region.




Infinity Group Australia is an organization that helps people with debt reduction and money management services. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started this company in 2013, and since then, it has been the fastest growing financial institutions that deal with debt reduction. This company has in the short time it has been in business helped thousands of people deal with the challenges they face in the management of their finances. Its main goals are to reduce debts for its clients, secure their financial future and to improve the savings their clients make. The recognition that Infinity Group Australia has gained from the Australian Financial Review is deservedly awarded to the group.




The ranking of the companies by AFR is done with the support of a consultancy firm known as Inventium. This firm is composed of experts in the financial sector who can make good decisions about which is the best company. The criteria used to select the businesses was done based on the impact that a business had in the community and among the people. The companies with unique solutions were ranked higher, and that is how Infinity Group Australia managed to rank high since its solutions are innovative and unique.




The founder Graeme Holm accepted the honor from AFR and was happy that they had recognized the great work that his organization is doing. He also expressed joy at the impact the employees of the organization had in the ranking. It is their employees who gave their all and ensures that the business survived, their employees always do their job differently hence getting better results than the average employee in other organizations.




About Graeme holm




Graeme Holm is an experienced banker who started Infinity Group Australia after seeing the suffering that the people in the country were going through due to lack of financial guidance and assistance. He has been in the baking industry for over 15 years. His experience has come from working with the top tier banks in Australia. He was inspired by the dishonesty exhibited by banks plus the need to help the Australian families. Graeme Holm believes that the banks do not have the best interest of their customers and that is why they do not offer financial guidance. They want their customer struggle with repayment of loans and such challenges.




About Infinity Group Australia




This organization has expanded rapidly in the past three years. It has opened offices in Bella Vista, and South Wales among other places. Its founder Graeme holm is an MPA Top 100 broker. Infinity Group Australia is committed to serving its customers by availing the best services to them. Clients who have worked with them attest to saving a lot in three months than they used to do in 12 months. The average saving for its customers stands at $42,000 per year. Learn more:



Surf Air – Taking you Above the Clouds in Endless Luxury

Surf Air, a company that brings you above the clouds. Being a member of this innovative airline allows for a luxurious private charter without the chaotic, disorganized, and time-consuming headache that coincides with traditional airlines. With only a few other likeminded individuals enjoying the extravagance and freedom of flight with you at a time, there’s no need to be stressed about air travel again. Surf Air allows you to choose from a list of scheduled times to an unlimited amount of flights, experience a thirty second booking process, and keeps expenses at a minimum.

In an article recently published at PR Newswire, Surf Air celebrates five years of enhancing air travel and offering membership upgrades and enhancements. So how did this company develop? In the beginning, Surf Air created a partnership with All Roads North, which has been providing luxury road travel. As Surf Air has grown and planned different expansion options, another partnership has been created with a similar company, The Private Suite LAX to help in expanding their membership network. Following this partnership another one was formed with FoundersCard, a community of thousands of innovators that are granted benefits (elite status, priority check in, as well as a variety of savings); networking opportunities are also immense with this partner. These different branches that have combined with Surf Air show just how much promise this company holds.

There are different membership levels and Surf Air’s preferred and premium members get to receive a complimentary annual membership as well as preferred rates to a new terminal at LAX. What’s more; this company offers no lines, private TSA screening and customs is taken care of on site; saving valuable time for their members. Another advantage that members receive are private suites, food, and a view of the runway. Airports typically drain energy and take quite a bit of time away from planned trips, Surf Air has found a way to fix common airline problems and making the travel experience memorable and enjoyable. Innovation at its finest.

The Revolution Of OSI Group Industries By Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is a man in his ripe years, born over eight decades ago precisely in 1932, his success story has been one to reckon with in the food industry across America. He prides himself on being an outstanding graduate of the University of Illinois where he emerged with a degree in Accounting. Years later, he was incorporated into the Northwestern University with his primary focus on Finance. To mark the end in his quest for education, Sheldon emerged with a Bachelors degree in Business from the prestigious Roosevelt University situated in the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. Armed with the excellent knowledge he had extensively gained over the period, Sheldon Lavin set out on a journey to cement his ground in the vast industry by establishing his own company, Sheldon Lavin & Associates, a financial consulting firm with its base in Chicago. He focused on the growth of this firm for a period spanning fifteen years.

The excellent skills he showcased in engaging other firms that ran after his services laid the foundation on which he would join one of the food processing heavyweights in America. The year 1970 marked a significant transformation as Sheldon Lavin was absorbed into the OSI Group Industries, a food processing line whose operations span across 18 countries. His experience brought in a new taste in the industry as he engaged the company in game-changing transformations that have seen it grow tremendously over the years. From a mere butchery to a gigantic food processor, the OSI Industries owe their skyrocketing expansion to the unequivocal expertise showcased by Lavin. Under his able stewardship, the OSI Group Industries net worth has been on full throttle over the years.

This is in a considerable way attributed to the technological advancements at the company. This has enabled the firm to double its production of chicken from the previous 12,000 tons a year. The expansion in production plants has mushroomed job opportunities for locals as the group seeks to sustain the ever-rising demand for their products, a move which has enabled them to receive funds from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. The funds will aid in their further expansion across Spain in a bid to create employment opportunities for her people. Sheldon Lavin has scooped several awards owing to his exemplary skills in managing the operations of the food processing line. Due to the numerous charity events that he sponsored, he was awarded the Edward C. Jones Community award in 2016, and the Global Visionary Award later in the same year.