The Success of OSI Food Solutions

If the world’s food industry shutdown for one week, then the world would literally shutdown right along with it. Everyone has to eat, and a high-majority of today’s supermarkets and restaurants receive their foods from professional suppliers. This is where OSI Food Solutions come into the picture as it’s one of the most vital components for today’s food retailors. OSI Food Solutions is head and shoulders above the competition because it brings so much to the table. This Illinois-based food provider has been able to expand its reach through business acquisitions. One of its best acquisitions to date was when it acquired Flagship Europe. By acquiring this UK-based food processor, OSI has been able to set itself up in an entirely new market.

Flagship Europe is a phenomenal supplier of sauces, dips, frozen entrees and marinades. This particular company also has a huge presence in the food-to-go sector. Thanks to having controlling stake with this business, OSI Food Solutions will be able to serve more markets while instituting many of its very own products. The same affect has come with the acquisition of BAHO Foods. This private-Dutch supplier also has a huge presence in Europe as it produces and distributes a plethora of convenience foods, snacks and deli meats.

OSI Food Solutions has also made an impact in custom-food productions. This company works hand-to-hand with its clients to develop unique food products. By doing so, OSI can use the client’s specific instructions to create the best finished product. In the business world, reputation means everything. OSI produces food products that not only tastes great, but also looks great. Of course, this article only touches on a few of OSI’s attributes, but you should now have a better perception of how vital the company truly is to the world’s many societies.

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Meet Randal Nardone, Principal of Fortress, experienced lawyer and a billionaire.

When a young and buoyant Randal Nardone enrolled at Connecticut University as an undergraduate student of English and Biology and later at Boston University for his Juris Doctor degree, he was upbeat that he would make a worth-while career in the field of law. Well, while he may have achieved that by making partner at Thacher Proffitt & Wood, a top law firm, his big break would come in the finance sector as a principle of Fortress Investment Group. Randal’s decision to switch professions from law to finance is what you would call a billion dollar decision, as he would become a billionaire during the first IPO of Fortress Investment Group. While most folks would be lucky to have a number like 557 pop up in their bank accounts, 557 is Randal’s rank on the Forbes list of world billionaires, with a net worth of $1.8 billion. From day one, Randal Nardone was an eager beaver and a real dynamo who relentlessly worked to see his visions actualize. It is no wonder he became a billionaire at a young age of 51 years.

All through his career, even before he co-founded Fortress with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman, Randal always looked for ingenious ways to integrate law and finance. He did this during his fruitful times at BlackRock Financial Management where he was a principal, and also at UBS as the Managing Director. He continues to do so at Fortress where he is in charge of Legal and Financial matters of the investment management firm. His other duties include serving as the director of the Credit Corporation, president of Springleaf Financial Holding LLC, board member of Eurocastle’s board of directors and also as a director at Touch Care Holdings LLC. Additionally, he is a board member of Gagfah, New Residential Investment Corporation, and Brookdale Senior Living.

Randal Nardone is a passionate man with a high aptitude in financial and legal matters. These are the attributes that saw him retained as a principal, when SoftBank purchased Fortress Investment Group at the cost of $3.3 billion. SoftBank is one of Japanese largest company, owned by Masayoshi Son. Randal expresses overwhelming confidence in the viability of their deal with SoftBank, stating that it is a golden platform for both SoftBank and Fortress to pursue more progressive ideas and investments.

Randal Nardone is a husband and a father to one child. He continues to serve the community by offering his legal and financial knowledge. He is respected and admired by his employees and his peers alike.


Partial Knee Resurfacing With Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Robert Reed was an active man who practiced multiple sports for the past 25 years until it took its toll on his body in which he would develop arthritis in his knees causing constant aching and throbbing.

Pain medications were no longer useful to Robert as he became in tremendous pain, it was inevitable that Robert would have to get knee surgery.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, chairman of Orthopedics at Bronx care Health System clearly had an answer for Robert’s problem.

Performing a partial knee resurfacing doctors were able to lower the amount of pain that Robert would experience, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum uses a technique that gives the patient the ability to still completely feel their knee as if it’s all natural and still there old knee.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum uses a high-density piece of medical plastic and only a piece of metal. Leaving the rest of the patient’s knee and feeling of their knee intact, minimizing the trauma done to the healthy bone and tissue.

There are 3 parts that make up the knee but amazingly only the part that is damaged and / or diseased would have to be replaced in this type of procedure.

And this is better versus a complete surgery getting the whole knee replaced, where if that knee fails or goes bad over time and then needing a whole completely new knee.

Although this procedure will not be as effective to someone with severe arthritis but perfect for someone with arthritis restricted primarily to a certain specific area of the joint, which pretty much covers 70% of all arthritis types that exist.


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Betsy DeVos Wants American Families To Have A Wider Variety Of Educational Options For Their Children

The state of Michigan and many other states in the U.S.A. have a lot to thank Betsy DeVos for. She has sacrificed a good part of her life to fighting for the rights of Americans to be able to choose where their kids go to school. She has served Michigan as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, and she has also fought to see legislation passed that has benefited many families who couldn’t afford to pay the tuition of private schools and charter schools.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan, and the city’s large Dutch population had a large influence on the way she sees the educational system. Instead of forcing kids to go to a school based on the zip code of their home, she believes that American families should be able to send them to a school they choose. It’s hard to argue with her when so many public schools are failing and full of the kind of violence that does not foster a healthy learning environment. Private schools and charter schools provide an alternative and allow parents to send their children to a school that teaches them the kinds of values they want imparted to them.


Betsy DeVos believes the notion of sending a child to a school based solely on where they live is a completely outdated idea. In today’s digital world, she is making some progress as people are slowly coming around to the idea that kids don’t always need to go to a specific building to learn. Devos believes that digital learning is still young and that it would benefit the children the most to allow a blending of the digital world and a conventional classroom environment. She feels it is absolutely silly to not embrace the new kinds of technologies we have; especially as children are already using digital devices to learn in their off-time from school.


Betsy DeVos also believes that homeschooling is a great way to educate children and has indicated that data is showing that there has been an increasing move in urban areas to teach children at home. The reason for this, according to DeVos, is that parents are getting tired of having to send their children to a school they don’t believe is a good place for them to learn at. Homeschooling allows American parents to give their kids a solid education right out of their own home. DeVos also believes that charter schools are another good option for families who are frustrated with the public schools system.


Betsy DeVos sees all of the individual work that she does as a combined effort to change the educational system in the United States. Some of the work she does helps to improve smaller areas while some of it has allowed entire states to provide its residents with more educational options. While she has donated large sums of her own money to the cause, she hopes to see more donors becoming active in supporting the fight that will lead to the changes in the educational system she hopes to make happen.


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Dr. Mark Mckenna and OVME Embrace The Future of Medicine

OVME is a medical practice that has embraced technology and using it to help shape a patient-centered philosophy. Dr. Mark Mckenna is the founder and CEO of OVME. He graduated from Tulane University. After graduating, he worked at a practice with his father. Dr. Mark Mckenna founded a boutique real estate company during this time. Later while living in Georgia, Dr. Mark Mckenna founded a boutique cosmetic surgery practice. OVME focuses on bringing a patient-centered experience to elective cosmetic surgery.

In the article “The Future of On-Demand Apps with Dr. S. Mark Mckenna” in Noteworthy, Dr. Mckenna explains how OVME has embraced technology in the way it approaches patient-centered care. Dr. Mark Mckenna uses technology to provide his patients with consultations for cosmetic surgeries. With the advancement in technology, patients can have a consultation with a provider to discuss procedures, risks, benefits, and costs from the convenience of their homes. This service offered by OVME allows patients to fit appointments into their busy schedule. However, it still requires the patient to come to the office for the actual procedures.

Though technology in medicine is currently limited, OVME is working on ways to add more to the center. Patient’s biggest limiting factor to access of care is time. With busy schedules, carving out time for medical appointments is a problem. OVME is working to make it even easy for patients to have cosmetic procedures. OVME is moving towards the future and hopes to provide in-home cosmetic procedures in the future. Currently, there are safety and regulatory issues that have to be resolved, but OVME hopes that technology can help bridge the gap between time, restrictions, and access to care.

The Dr. Mark Mckenna and his team at OVME are using technology to help create a better patient-centered experience. The clinic is meeting goals by offering consultations to clients remotely and hopes to take it a step further in the future by offering house calls and more.