Bob Honey Who just Do Stuff; a Scorching and Darkly Novel

From veteran actor as well as activist Sean Penn originates a scorching and darkly but exciting novel about one Bob Honey who is an American entrepreneur as well as a part-time assassin.

Most of us recall Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, a novel that first emerged in the height of the 2016 elections. First released as an audiobook and performed by a talented cast including Frances McDormand, and assisted by one Sean Penn, who sang the line Bob Honey often, the book has vastly gained a plethora of positive reviews since Penn’s touch.

Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff takes a deeper dive into sheer insanity alongside the classy action. This book is perfect for individuals whose genre preferences are in line with cult classics like those of Thomas Pynchon as well as Hunter S. Thompson. For those who would also like to dive into satires and surprising truths, this is the right book choice for you.

Initially, the small-volume novel is narrated by Sean Penn who assumed the pseudonym of one Pappy Pariah. Additionally, it has been built around The Times storyline and it features a broad range of unsubtle preferences surrounding the current government. Alongside camping around the Republican National Convention, this book features an official meeting between the main character Bob Honey, a middle-aged man who makes a living from handling small jobs and a risky job as an assassin.

Bob Honey is closely linked to the likes of El Chapo, originally known as Fletcher. Sean Penn interviewed El Chapo, the drug lord before he was sentenced to prison by the Obama administration. Alongside interacting with Hugo Chavez who he praises often, Penn continues to shape his career around somewhat controversial characters – a choice he has been victimized for. Although Bob Honey is more introverted, he tries to be social occasionally by throwing in a misbegotten barbecue. In other scenarios, he is a senior citizen who has a blow on his head.

Honey has some difficulties connecting with people given his divorce. He is rather withdrawn and tired of being marketed to every situation in a sick world characterized by a plethora of social media abuse.

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