E Commerce Giant, JD Com Launches Parcels Delivery Services

Chinese e-commerce giant, JD com has launched delivery services through its vast logistics network. This move will enable its customers to send parcels around China. The move is the first one by an online retail business to enter in the parcel delivery business.The operation will first start in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai even though the company plans to extend to the Chinese mainland, where the consumer will use the fast and reliable delivery of the items they purchase from the online retailer. Besides, the company plans to extend the program to high value goods such as luxury goods and high-end consumer electronics as well as avail more diverse operation according to timing. This will eventually allow resident and business from every corner within the country to benefit.

JD.com is the only large-scale online retail in the world to incorporate a parcel delivery business into its vast logistics network. The network is powered by JD .com’s operational supply chain management technology, enabling the company to deliver of the 90% of daily orders and can be accessed by 99% of the Chinese. The new service has a range of option which is competitively priced. These include delivery between cities on the same day, same day delivery within a city and standard next day or delivery within two days between cities.All packages are delivered using the company network staff, taking advantage of the company’s logistics network.

Depending on the choice the consumer prefers, the package can be delivered through high-speed rail or air. Also, individuals shippers can utilize the JD.com app they use in their shopping to arrange for pickup by one of the company logistic staff, and allow the parcels delivery to long-distance destinations at the speed of their choice. There is also a JD.com luxury delivery service known as a white glove, where one can make an extra special delivery.The launching of the service marks another milestone by the company in its endeavour to leverage the nationwide logistic network it has established in the last decade. The move is the latest by the company to avail its technology and its platform to other shippers, industries and businesses.

The Revolution Of OSI Group Industries By Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is a man in his ripe years, born over eight decades ago precisely in 1932, his success story has been one to reckon with in the food industry across America. He prides himself on being an outstanding graduate of the University of Illinois where he emerged with a degree in Accounting. Years later, he was incorporated into the Northwestern University with his primary focus on Finance. To mark the end in his quest for education, Sheldon emerged with a Bachelors degree in Business from the prestigious Roosevelt University situated in the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. Armed with the excellent knowledge he had extensively gained over the period, Sheldon Lavin set out on a journey to cement his ground in the vast industry by establishing his own company, Sheldon Lavin & Associates, a financial consulting firm with its base in Chicago. He focused on the growth of this firm for a period spanning fifteen years.

The excellent skills he showcased in engaging other firms that ran after his services laid the foundation on which he would join one of the food processing heavyweights in America. The year 1970 marked a significant transformation as Sheldon Lavin was absorbed into the OSI Group Industries, a food processing line whose operations span across 18 countries. His experience brought in a new taste in the industry as he engaged the company in game-changing transformations that have seen it grow tremendously over the years. From a mere butchery to a gigantic food processor, the OSI Industries owe their skyrocketing expansion to the unequivocal expertise showcased by Lavin. Under his able stewardship, the OSI Group Industries net worth has been on full throttle over the years.

This is in a considerable way attributed to the technological advancements at the company. This has enabled the firm to double its production of chicken from the previous 12,000 tons a year. The expansion in production plants has mushroomed job opportunities for locals as the group seeks to sustain the ever-rising demand for their products, a move which has enabled them to receive funds from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. The funds will aid in their further expansion across Spain in a bid to create employment opportunities for her people. Sheldon Lavin has scooped several awards owing to his exemplary skills in managing the operations of the food processing line. Due to the numerous charity events that he sponsored, he was awarded the Edward C. Jones Community award in 2016, and the Global Visionary Award later in the same year.

William Saito – A Venture Capitalist’s Career and Thoughts on Startups

Starting a Successful Company

Many people dream of starting a successful company. When operating a successful business, the business owner has new freedom and income. With the strong economy, numerous people have an interest in starting a new business. William Saito is a business leader from Japan. During his career, he has started multiple companies.

William Saito recently had an interview and talked about his advice for starting a business. Anyone who wants to become a successful business owner one day should listen to his advice. Leading a growing business is a great way to make a positive impact on the world.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a company. Few people have the financial background to make complex capital allocation decisions. As a result, many business owners end up borrowing a ton of money in the beginning stages of a business. Going heavily into debt is common for new business owners.

When the business slows down, the owners end up massively in debt. William Saito recommends a different approach for starting a business. Instead of borrowing a ton of money, it is essential to focus on ways to start a company with negligible capital.


When starting a new company, a marketing plan is essential for success. There are various ways to market a new business. Anyone who wants to achieve a high level of success should consider hiring a marketing consultant. A marketing consultant will offer different options that have worked for other companies. Although some people believe hiring a consultant is a waste of money, a successful marketing campaign can change the future of a company.

Life of William Saito

William Saito has had an exciting life. He has always been comfortable moving all over the world. He owns real estate in various countries. Although he has failed at some business ideas, he has years of experience operating a successful business. William Saito is the type of person that young business owners should strive to learn from. Anyone who wants to improve their business can learn lessons from the life of William Saito.

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