Investment Tips from Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks

Both Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks offer an ideal platform for investing. Freedom Checks were introduced by Matt Badiali in 2016 and are mainly restricted to master limited partnerships. It is worth noting that master limited partnerships are common in both real estate and energy sector. The law requires that the MLPs issue more than 90% of the capital gains to the investors. The provisions make the MLPS attractable as compared to other ventures. Additionally, many tax benefits are linked with MLPs. Contrary to taxing the capital gains, taxation is only done during the sale of the shares.

According to Matt Badiali, the USA energy sector is staged for huge growth in the coming years. The arguments rest on the fact that there has been a decline in the level of imports. Nonetheless, there has been an increase in the demand level of energy products. The trend implies that the USA companies are likely to register improved growth in the coming years. However, Matt Badiali recommends corporations that offer huge returns. The list is based on an analysis of the available raw materials. Access to a large pool of resources implies that an organization is well, staged for future operations. Matt Badiali concept of freedom checks is based on experience as has previously invested in the sector.

Background Information on Trump Bonus Checks

Trump Bonus Checks were introduced by Mien Burnick and mainly targets veterans. Mike argues that veterans have made enormous sacrifice and contribution to the country and are thus entitled to Trump Bonus Checks. Just like the freedom checks, there is the requirement to make an initial deposit that earns periodic gains. Mike Burnick offers an annual list of corporations that provide huge reruns on the invested capitals. Following the recommendations issued by Matt Badiali thus provides huge returns on the invested capital. Despite registering slow growth, it is worth noting that energy corporation enjoys long-term contracts and have consistent growth that offers enormous returns on the capital. Matt Badiali is based on experience and his expertise as a geologist.

Meet Randal Nardone, Principal of Fortress, experienced lawyer and a billionaire.

When a young and buoyant Randal Nardone enrolled at Connecticut University as an undergraduate student of English and Biology and later at Boston University for his Juris Doctor degree, he was upbeat that he would make a worth-while career in the field of law. Well, while he may have achieved that by making partner at Thacher Proffitt & Wood, a top law firm, his big break would come in the finance sector as a principle of Fortress Investment Group. Randal’s decision to switch professions from law to finance is what you would call a billion dollar decision, as he would become a billionaire during the first IPO of Fortress Investment Group. While most folks would be lucky to have a number like 557 pop up in their bank accounts, 557 is Randal’s rank on the Forbes list of world billionaires, with a net worth of $1.8 billion. From day one, Randal Nardone was an eager beaver and a real dynamo who relentlessly worked to see his visions actualize. It is no wonder he became a billionaire at a young age of 51 years.

All through his career, even before he co-founded Fortress with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman, Randal always looked for ingenious ways to integrate law and finance. He did this during his fruitful times at BlackRock Financial Management where he was a principal, and also at UBS as the Managing Director. He continues to do so at Fortress where he is in charge of Legal and Financial matters of the investment management firm. His other duties include serving as the director of the Credit Corporation, president of Springleaf Financial Holding LLC, board member of Eurocastle’s board of directors and also as a director at Touch Care Holdings LLC. Additionally, he is a board member of Gagfah, New Residential Investment Corporation, and Brookdale Senior Living.

Randal Nardone is a passionate man with a high aptitude in financial and legal matters. These are the attributes that saw him retained as a principal, when SoftBank purchased Fortress Investment Group at the cost of $3.3 billion. SoftBank is one of Japanese largest company, owned by Masayoshi Son. Randal expresses overwhelming confidence in the viability of their deal with SoftBank, stating that it is a golden platform for both SoftBank and Fortress to pursue more progressive ideas and investments.

Randal Nardone is a husband and a father to one child. He continues to serve the community by offering his legal and financial knowledge. He is respected and admired by his employees and his peers alike.


The Oxford Club Assists Those Who Are Making Investments

Those who are making investments of any kind need to know what they are doing and which investments will work out the best for them financially. The Oxford Club is there for those people who are getting started investing and this group can support such people and lead them to make solid investments. There are three different levels of membership with this club and each person has to figure out which one is the right one for them. An introductory level of the club is the Premier Membership. This is a membership given to anyone who subscribes to publications from the club. The middle level of the club is the Director’s Circle. This level gives investors access to the club’s newsletters among other things. The highest level of membership when it comes to the Oxford Club is the Chairman’s Circle Membership. This level gives a person access to a lifetime’s subscription of publications from the club as well as other special features.


The Oxford Club is a private club made up of individuals who are knowledgeable about investing. Those who are a part of this club are working to grow their wealth and to create better futures for themselves. This club is a selective one and it is particular about those it will allow in, but it is not a secretive club in any way. It is well known and respected.


The Oxford Club helps its members by looking into the various investment opportunities that they come across and figuring out which are sound investment options. They share the best opportunities with those who are a part of the club. The Oxford Club has been around for more than two decades, and it has educated many individuals through the years. It helps those who are making investments do that in a smart way.