Betsy DeVos Wants American Families To Have A Wider Variety Of Educational Options For Their Children

The state of Michigan and many other states in the U.S.A. have a lot to thank Betsy DeVos for. She has sacrificed a good part of her life to fighting for the rights of Americans to be able to choose where their kids go to school. She has served Michigan as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, and she has also fought to see legislation passed that has benefited many families who couldn’t afford to pay the tuition of private schools and charter schools.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan, and the city’s large Dutch population had a large influence on the way she sees the educational system. Instead of forcing kids to go to a school based on the zip code of their home, she believes that American families should be able to send them to a school they choose. It’s hard to argue with her when so many public schools are failing and full of the kind of violence that does not foster a healthy learning environment. Private schools and charter schools provide an alternative and allow parents to send their children to a school that teaches them the kinds of values they want imparted to them.


Betsy DeVos believes the notion of sending a child to a school based solely on where they live is a completely outdated idea. In today’s digital world, she is making some progress as people are slowly coming around to the idea that kids don’t always need to go to a specific building to learn. Devos believes that digital learning is still young and that it would benefit the children the most to allow a blending of the digital world and a conventional classroom environment. She feels it is absolutely silly to not embrace the new kinds of technologies we have; especially as children are already using digital devices to learn in their off-time from school.


Betsy DeVos also believes that homeschooling is a great way to educate children and has indicated that data is showing that there has been an increasing move in urban areas to teach children at home. The reason for this, according to DeVos, is that parents are getting tired of having to send their children to a school they don’t believe is a good place for them to learn at. Homeschooling allows American parents to give their kids a solid education right out of their own home. DeVos also believes that charter schools are another good option for families who are frustrated with the public schools system.


Betsy DeVos sees all of the individual work that she does as a combined effort to change the educational system in the United States. Some of the work she does helps to improve smaller areas while some of it has allowed entire states to provide its residents with more educational options. While she has donated large sums of her own money to the cause, she hopes to see more donors becoming active in supporting the fight that will lead to the changes in the educational system she hopes to make happen.


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