Celebrating Creativity – World Intellectual Property Day

What is Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is on the rise, but some of us may still not know what actually intellectual property truly is. To understand what intellectual property is, we need to think of all of the ingenious inventions created by innovative individuals. If these individuals did not patent or copyright their works, we would not have the opportunity to hear of or even enjoy their inventions. So, basically intellectual property is the workings of any individuals innovative ideas; whether written or designed can be copyrighted, patented, or trademarked.

Celebrating the Art of Creativity

On April 26 we will celebrate around the world the idealism of creation. Individuals far and wide will enjoy exhibits and share knowledge regarding innovative projects that have been created the world over. Every since its inception, WIPO has been a driven force behind individuals coming together to share knowledge and visually see new ideas come to fruition. One of the Director-Generals is Kamil Idris for the Sudan sector.

Kamil Idris is one-fifth of a group of individuals of WIPO; that research and find information on intellectual property around the world. He and others collect this information and the activity of these IP’s and share it with the public worldwide.  On Professor Idris’s blog he comments, not only does the public get to view the new creative ideas, but they also get to see how that invention has improved, enhanced, and how well it has faired.

World Intellectual Property Day will not only celebrate creativity, but also the creation of intellectual property rights which is the driven force behind the creativity of new patents, trademarks, and copyrights. WIPO is committed to their efforts in spreading individual’s ideas and creativity. The organization believes in the creativity of others, no matter what country they may be from. Because of this we have enjoyed and seen leaps and bounds of technological advances, scientific advances, and literary as well.

World Intellectual Property Day is not only a celebration of the ability of inventions to be protected by law; it also celebrates the contributors. On this day artists, inventors, big inventions, and small inventions will be honored. Everyone and everywhere a WIPO convention site will have opportunities for the public to view the awesome creations that will or have enhanced our lives.

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