E Commerce Giant, JD Com Launches Parcels Delivery Services

Chinese e-commerce giant, JD com has launched delivery services through its vast logistics network. This move will enable its customers to send parcels around China. The move is the first one by an online retail business to enter in the parcel delivery business.The operation will first start in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai even though the company plans to extend to the Chinese mainland, where the consumer will use the fast and reliable delivery of the items they purchase from the online retailer. Besides, the company plans to extend the program to high value goods such as luxury goods and high-end consumer electronics as well as avail more diverse operation according to timing. This will eventually allow resident and business from every corner within the country to benefit.

JD.com is the only large-scale online retail in the world to incorporate a parcel delivery business into its vast logistics network. The network is powered by JD .com’s operational supply chain management technology, enabling the company to deliver of the 90% of daily orders and can be accessed by 99% of the Chinese. The new service has a range of option which is competitively priced. These include delivery between cities on the same day, same day delivery within a city and standard next day or delivery within two days between cities.All packages are delivered using the company network staff, taking advantage of the company’s logistics network.

Depending on the choice the consumer prefers, the package can be delivered through high-speed rail or air. Also, individuals shippers can utilize the JD.com app they use in their shopping to arrange for pickup by one of the company logistic staff, and allow the parcels delivery to long-distance destinations at the speed of their choice. There is also a JD.com luxury delivery service known as a white glove, where one can make an extra special delivery.The launching of the service marks another milestone by the company in its endeavour to leverage the nationwide logistic network it has established in the last decade. The move is the latest by the company to avail its technology and its platform to other shippers, industries and businesses.