Josh Smith’s Modular Greenhouse Improving Agriculture

For an extended period, innovators have manifested an immense interest in providing solutions to natural calamities like water scarcity and depletion to climate change. Amid the struggle to come up with remedies, an International Group based in the United States of America have shown that they can be part of the solution by coming up with a product that emulates just the way living systems capture and store water. The system can as well distribute water to various destinations thereby enhancing the solution to water scarcity.
Benefits of the Innovation

The prototype product that was designed by NexLoop was awarded as the best material that would help to maintain food supply in various parts of the world by maintaining the availability of water which is very essential. Dubbed Aquaweb, being the name of the product, shall contribute greatly to the urban farmers by helping them gather, filter, keep and supply atmospheric moisture with a modular, water sourcing and a management system.

How it works

Rather than collecting water from the ground, AquaWeb is designed to collect and harness rain water and other precipitations and supplying that moisture to various destinations where it is needed to produce food high-quality. This way, the urban food producers shall not have to rely greatly on energy to access water thereby making it a solution to some disturbances that farmers normally encounter.

Modular Greenhouse

Due to an increased need to find solutions to factors affecting food production, Josh Smith, who lives in Reno, Nevada, came up with the Modular Greenhouse to combat the global warming. Josh Smith ensured that the Modular Greenhouse is made in a way that it can be adjusted depending on the size and number of the crops. Josh Smith’s key goal was to ensure that there is a reduction in the amount of natural energy consumed and the effluents emitted to the atmosphere.

Both NexLoop and Josh Smith’s innovations have contributed amazingly toward ensuring that there reduced the rate at which the environment is affected by the human activities. Today, in Reno, Nevada, quite a number of farmers have realized the importance and benefits brought about by the Modular Greenhouse and they are already benefiting from it. On the other hand, NexLoop is also changing the level of production in various parts of the Urban centers by reducing the problems brought about by insufficient water supply.