NGP VAN Delivers Modern Convassing Tools For Today

Canvassing is a method of campaigning that is common within the United States. In some ways, it’s the best way to establish a face-to-face conversation with potential voters. Carried out by supports who already believe in a particular candidate, they often will dedicate their own money to the cause as well as hours of their time to spread the message of the candidate they support.

The problem that NGP VAN solves have for a long time, prevented campaigns from intelligently using billions of dollars in funding to make a difference and to have strategic social media. Often wasting hours going door-to-door where typically 1 in 800 people are persuaded to change their views politically for a particular candidate. With social media, there are many avenues available to tailor interactions to reap better the results canvassers are after. The internet overall is a powerful tool, and NGP VAN with their software platform take advantage of it in more than one way.

A prime example is their free app available to bother android and iOS devices. It enables canvassers an easy way to execute on more efficient routes, targeting voters who either share many views already mirrored by a candidate and their campaign or who are more likely to swing in their favor. This can be vital for breaking close races where every single vote counts and where every single dollar is crucial to a campaigns survival. The app also allows for canvassers an easy way to note new findings out in the field to better inform the campaign of their progress and influence.

Another critical feature of NGP VAN’s platform is its ability to track donations and contributions in a centralized location. It makes it easier to file finical documentation for then campaigns so volunteers can spend less time at their computer and more time on the campaign trail.

With people at the center of every successful campaign, NGP VAN is injecting traditional canvassing with modern tools that can make a difference. Many Democratic candidates have already found success in utilizing NGP VAN’s tools which are easy to use and offer so many more benefits than one could imagine.

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