Dr. Mark Mckenna and OVME Embrace The Future of Medicine

OVME is a medical practice that has embraced technology and using it to help shape a patient-centered philosophy. Dr. Mark Mckenna is the founder and CEO of OVME. He graduated from Tulane University. After graduating, he worked at a practice with his father. Dr. Mark Mckenna founded a boutique real estate company during this time. Later while living in Georgia, Dr. Mark Mckenna founded a boutique cosmetic surgery practice. OVME focuses on bringing a patient-centered experience to elective cosmetic surgery.

In the article “The Future of On-Demand Apps with Dr. S. Mark Mckenna” in Noteworthy, Dr. Mckenna explains how OVME has embraced technology in the way it approaches patient-centered care. Dr. Mark Mckenna uses technology to provide his patients with consultations for cosmetic surgeries. With the advancement in technology, patients can have a consultation with a provider to discuss procedures, risks, benefits, and costs from the convenience of their homes. This service offered by OVME allows patients to fit appointments into their busy schedule. However, it still requires the patient to come to the office for the actual procedures.

Though technology in medicine is currently limited, OVME is working on ways to add more to the center. Patient’s biggest limiting factor to access of care is time. With busy schedules, carving out time for medical appointments is a problem. OVME is working to make it even easy for patients to have cosmetic procedures. OVME is moving towards the future and hopes to provide in-home cosmetic procedures in the future. Currently, there are safety and regulatory issues that have to be resolved, but OVME hopes that technology can help bridge the gap between time, restrictions, and access to care.

The Dr. Mark Mckenna and his team at OVME are using technology to help create a better patient-centered experience. The clinic is meeting goals by offering consultations to clients remotely and hopes to take it a step further in the future by offering house calls and more.