Shervin Pishevar Identifies a Problem Bigger Than Ma Bell

Shervin Pishevar has earned a reputation for providing insight into the economy and various other aspects of what’s going on in the country. As a venture capitalist and the founder of Virgin Hyperloop, he focuses on how to keep in the loop with the latest trends.

Several months ago, he created a tweetstorm on Twitter as he talked about a number of topics. In 50 tweets over 21 hours, he covered a lot, including a problem bigger than Ma Bell.

For those who don’t know, Ma Bell was a monopoly years ago. It was the only phone company that people could use, eliminating the ability to choose. Eventually, it was dissolved. It broke into countless phone companies so that consumers had a choice, which was the best thing for the economy.

Now, Shervin Pishevar identifies a bigger problem. There are five monopolies that have entirely too much power: Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon. He says that they are stifling startups because the startups don’t have a chance to succeed. Instead, the monopolies swoop in and buy them up so that they get the technology without having to worry about any kind of competition.

There are several problems with the monopolies, according to Shervin Pishevar. They are using their power overtly and covertly. The cash abroad is being repatriated. Consumers are being robbed of having choices with who they do business with. They’re destroying all of the different startups, which is a big problem. It could be years before we see another startup thrive like Uber or Airbnb. This is a problem for entrepreneurs as well as for venture capitalists.

Shervin Pishevar has done the hard part by bringing the problem to everyone’s attention. Countless blogs have shared the tweets. It’s all about seeing what people are going to do, including how the government will respond to the monopolies.